Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun Fun Fruity Bloomers Finds!

Such a sweet little purse! Perfect for Date night :) This probably retailed around $150. In great condition, $8.

I had Easter time in mind when I bought this 3/4 length blazer! Size M, but is roomy, Could pass for a Large. $6
Vibrant Burnt Orange, very light weight and thin- Size Large, $5, Banana Republic

Size M, but is roomy. $5. These came from over seas because most of the writing on the tags is in an Asian Language :)

This Black and Grey striped shirt is Size Large, and is very loooong. Fun to wear with skinny jeans, or for those that wear leggings. $5

Skirt Size 8- $6, Merona Brand

COULD NOT resist this shirt! By one of my favorite brands- FANG. Love the bright colors, LOVE the stars, love the fun fit. Size M, $5

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love this coral colored drapey sweater so much, thin and soft, nice and long. $7 size Large. Still new with Tags, Merona from Target.

Size Large, $6

Size S, Love this Tunic! Love the color, love the sequins, love the thin fabric. Wear it with dark jeans in winter, or over a swim suit in the summer, works all year round!

Size Small, Aeropostale, $6

Friday, January 7, 2011

more clothes

$6, size Large, but more of a Medium fit. It even has pockets! This is by one of my favorite brands, Fang. They create so many things that I love. This Blazer included.
$5, size Large. This sweater shrug is hard to display to show its proper cute-ness. The neutral brown will go with countless shirts. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and the bottom is rounded around the back. There is a collar around the neck that folds over easily. I have a green one in this exact style. Mossimo Brand.

Friday, December 31, 2010

My first CLOTHING Post!


I love thrift shopping, it is a hobby that I try to indulge in as frequently as I can. A couple months ago I was at a friend's home (selling candles) and she was selling all kinds of jewelry and accessories, as well as some pretty jackets/coats that she had found 2nd hand. I wanted to try my hand at this as well, only take it a step further to include all types of clothing! Shirts, skirts, sweaters, blazers, jackets, and ANYTHING that I find that's good quality, and a great price.

I started this endeavor about 2 months ago and have already sold several items. For those that live out of town but are interested in buying something, shipping is around $7 to $10.

This has been such a blast and I look forward to helping peo
ple find fun things for cheap prices. My goal is to have nothing over $10. I have sold a couple jackets for around the $12 range, but I'm going to try and stay cheaper then that from now on. Have a look at the fun things I have found and let me know if you are interested in anything!

I bought this sweater coat for a friend, but it ended up not fitting. Same with the belt at the end of this post. I love it! BCBG Max azaria, Size Small, Price $8. The two (belt and sweater) go beautifully together!

Purple Shirt- Size Medium, Price $5.50, Coral Shirt- Size Large, Price $5.50. Both new with tags.

White Long Sleeve V-Neck- Size Large, But definitely more like a size M. This is not just any white long sleeve, it feels so soft and luxurious! Zenana Outfitters, Price $6
Calvin Klein, Size 8, Price- $7

Size- S/M, Price-$5, Still has tag on.